Happy Halloween!

With 2 packages to choose from, your Halloween party is guaranteed to be the spookiest event of the year!  

Party packages are based on up to 10 guests. 
​ For each additional guest, there will be an added cost and an increase to the allotted time.  
To request package variations, please contact thepartyprincessottawa@gmail.com.

Pumpkin Drop- Offs - 15Minutes 

A ready to carve pumpkin will be delivered right to your doorstep! 

  • Choice of one princess 

  • Grand princess entrance

  • One ready to carve medium pumpkin

  • One Halloween Goodie bag*

  • Photo opportunity

*Due to allergy concerns, goodie bags will not contain candy.


Booking form below! 


Tax included.
$5 per each additional pumpkin

Thank you to everyone who has booked! 

Pumpkin deliveries are now closed! 

Halloween Party- 60 Minutes -Currently Unavailable

 Ideal for all ages, especially very young guests this magical Package is ideal for playdates, small parties, and/or large venue events.

  • Choice of one princess 

  • Grand princess entrance

  • Dress up chest

  • Mini dance party with fun Halloween tunes 

  • Face painting 

  • Halloween Craft

  • "Trick or Treating" Princess Trivia 

  • Photo opportunity


(up to 10 guests) Tax included.
$5 & 5 mins (per each additional guest)

Magic is on its Way...

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​Disclaimer: The Party Princess Ottawa is an independent, registered company.The Party Princess Ottawa does not wish to infringe or violate any copyright laws.  All characters are based on folklore, fairytales and/or other stories and any resemblance to copyrighted characters is purely incidental.  The Party Princess Ottawa does not claim to be and is not associated with any other companies or name brand/licenced characters. 
At the time of booking, all clients will be asked to acknowledge that they have read and accept that The Party Princess Ottawa characters do not represent licensed characters, names or stories.