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Party Activities 

Products Used 

Grand Princess Entrance

The princess arrives picture-perfect and ready to introduce herself and meet all the royal guests.

Dress Up Chest 

Your princess will bring a chest full of princess dresses, wings and accessories for the party guests to dress up in for the duration of the party. Please advise if you would like some knights armour for boys included for any boys attending in the booking form. 

Story Time 

How does one become royalty?  Your princess leads the guests through her story with her classic fairy tale.  Through actions and games, your guests learn to become true princesses and princes.

Magical Makeovers

Your princess creates a magical makeover to include:  

  • makeup - shimmery eye shadow, sparkly cheeks, and lip-gloss; or temporary tattoos

  • mini manicure - choice of nail polish colour 

Product information available below. 

Face Painting

At the party,the princess will guide each guest in choosing their forehead designs.  This activity usually requires about 5 mins per guest.
Bobby pins will be used to hold hair back. 

Singing and Dancing

Your princess sings her favourite princess songs live with the guests and starts a mini dance party.  Your princess brings her music and her equipment.  

Pixie Dust Ceremony 

Every guest takes part in a very special and magical ceremony where they make a wish and are sprinkled with pixie dust.  
All product information is provided below.

Creative Crafts 

Based on what you deem most appropriate for your guests and their age group, you may select from the  available crafts on your booking form! The Princess will lead craft time and provide assistance.

Royal Coronation

Your Princess will conduct a royal coronation for the birthday girl/boy and present them with a crown befitting royalty. The coronation will involve all the guests. 

Photo Opportunity

Photos are always permitted during each princess visit; however, there will be an opportunity to pose, individually and in groups, with the princess before cutting the cake.

Cake Cutting and Farewell 

The princess joins all the guests in singing Happy Birthday as the cake is presented. She bids a fond farewell to everyone at the party before leaving the event. 

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